Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Vision List

In the comments on Monday's post Searcher Gurl mentioned that she makes a vision board. I've never actually made a vision board, exactly, but I did do something a few weeks ago when I started this journey that I completely forgot to mention on this blog. I made, what I guess you could call a vision list.

I read or saw something about this a few years back -- I think on Oprah or somewhere similar. Anyway there was someone who was feeling negative about things, and this person decided she would make a list of everything she wanted to happen. Only she would write the things on the list as if they'd already happened. Say, for instance, she was trying to have a baby or she wanted to find a job she loved rather than the one she had that she hated(and I don't remember exactly what she was trying to do), she wrote on her list, I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Or I have an amazing job doing. . .

So anyway, I decided, in the beginning of this journey, to make my own list. I wrote everything down that I wanted to happen in the next few months, as if it already had happened. Then I tucked the list neatly in my desk drawer. I don't feel I can tell you what's on this list -- in fact, I haven't even told my husband -- because it kind of feels like wishing on a star or blowing out birthday candles. Though, I will promise this, when the things on the list start to come true (and they will!), I'll discuss some of them on this blog, (and of course, tell my husband, too!).

So have you ever made a list like this or a vision board? And, if you have, do you share the details with your friends and family and maybe the blogosphere, or do you keep them to yourself? If you haven't, then let me know if this post has encouraged you to make one!


  1. I have done something similar to this so many times. I usually just make a list and tuck it away somewhere where only I know where it is.
    The most recent one I made (which was actually a couple years ago) was done with post-its stuck to a dry-erase board on the inside of my apartment door. That way - every time when I left, I would see the things that I wanted to achieve and be reminded of them. And once I achieved something, it was so satisfying to be able to take that post-it down. What a great feeling! Talking about this makes me want to do it again!

  2. I actually revisit and check my vision board coz it's like attracting it and to attract positivity I would also start to do a vision list.

  3. Oh, I like the idea of putting it somewhere I could see it. And definitely, good idea to revisit it!