Thursday, September 30, 2010

Margarita or Exercise?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one thing I've been doing to keep positive is making myself exercise almost every day. And I've been really sticking to either walking outside or going on the elliptical six days a week. Yesterday, I'd planned on going on the elliptical when my husband got home, but then I let him talk me into going out to dinner instead.

Since school has started, the kids have been so tired that we barely have gone out to dinner at all. On the occasional night where we can't face cooking we've gotten takeout or popped a Trader Joe's frozen pizza in the oven. Once upon a time, pre-kids, my husband and I could barely locate our oven. These days, we're pretty out of touch with the whole restaurant scene.

But last night, despite all being tired we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. My husband and I each had a margarita and we shared nachos and a cheese crisp with the kids. Then we walked around an open air mall and stopped for gelato. And amazingly, the kids were exhausted, but *perfectly* behaved. Maybe it was the change in the routine, or the fact that they love eating at this restaurant and haven't been in a while, but we all left smiling and happy. (This is a rarity for toddler, and for us whenever we dare take toddler to a restaurant).

So, I missed my workout last night in exchange for a margarita and a gelato. Not exactly the best trade-off? You would think not, but a little time out with my family, good food, smiling faces, laughter (and my mixed berry margarita, of course) seemed to give me a mid-week boost that, until I got it, I didn't even realize how much I needed it.

This morning, however, you'll find me power walking around my neighborhood :-)

How do you recharge mid-week? Do you ever think that the things that are "good" for you aren't always what you need at the moment?


  1. I read your title and immediately answered,
    "Margarita." This is not a difficult decision for me. :)

  2. Well I understand your sentiments there regarding what to choose. Yes they do have their consequences. Recently my husband and I did a major decision regarding work. There has been a major incident happened that if I choose to stay it would cause my career and maybe my name to be put down. I started to felt demoralized for months when that happened, made me think many times and what would happen if I leave work. We talked about it for many hours and days and even consulted some on what would be rightful to do. We came up to the decision that I will leave that work for exchange of peace of mind though it would affect us financially coz now temporarily my husband is the one working while
    I stay home, do some side business if I can and apply for work particularly home based ones. Also I want to win that book as in really really want, hope you'll give it to me.

  3. just discovered your's great!!!
    how about exercise...and than a margarita :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. Thanks guys! Yesterday was definitely a margarita night, but I do like the exercise, then margarita suggestion :)