Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Signs & Superstitions

I'll admit, I'm a little superstitious. Okay, maybe a lot superstitious. I'm a frequent knocker on wood and a believer in old wives' tales. I look for signs thrown out to me by the universe. Literal signs. The day I found out I was pregnant with youngest child, I nearly tripped over a dead baby rabbit on the sidewalk right in front of my house. Will you think I'm insane if I tell you that I knew, as soon as I saw that rabbit there, that I was pregnant, that that was the reason I went out and bought a pregnancy test? Go ahead, you're allowed. Writing it down, I do see it's a little crazy myself.

But the reason I bring this up is this. I started this blog to make myself be and feel more positive. And I think I've pretty much achieved that goal for myself. I'm not necessarily transforming from a pessimist to an optimist anymore at this point, but now I pretty much feel like an optimist blogging about positive things.

But also, in the beginning of this journey I believe I wrote that maybe if I put some good karma out into the universe good things would happen to me in return. And you know what -- lately good things have been happening to me. Are they related to all my positive blogging karma? Logic tells me probably not, but that that little (loud) superstitious voice inside my head is screaming YES!

So here's what I was thinking, I was only planning on keeping this blog for a few more weeks until THE TRANSFORMATION OF THINGS comes out (which, by the way, is 4 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!), but today I wondered, what if. . .? What if I stop blogging, stop putting positive karma into the universe? Have I just created a new superstition? Do I need to blog to keep those positive vibes going? Am I crazy to think I might?

Do you believe in signs or superstitions? What are they?


  1. I di believe in signs from the Uniuverse -- though I do try to keep my superstition under check or I'll go crazy :) (btw, I saw a stork on the day I found out I was pregnant with muy son. Mine is less crazy than yours, eh? :)]

    I also believe in good karma -- and good things coming back to you, absolutely!!

    So please, please keep the blog going. I have a feeling about this, yes I do ;)

  2. A stork -- how cool of a sign is that?

    Thanks :)

  3. I'm very superstitious when it comes to pregnancy. It's a Jewish thing but it also drives me crazy when people who aren't superstitious announce their pregnancy the moment the stick shows 2 pink lines. I waited till almost a month into the 2nd trimester to tell people this time around. I also say "b'shaah tovah" a lot when referring to my due date. (It means "in good time.")

  4. Melissa, I'm with you on that. I was also superstitious about pregnancy. My mom claims she never heard this rabbit story -- I think because I didn't tell her I was pregnant until a while after it happened. Congrats on your pregnancy :)

  5. Very superstitious! Its rediculous how superstitious I am compared to everyone else in my family. I'll toss salt over my shoulder, knock on wood, cross an X in front of me if a black cat runs in front of me, I wount sweep the dirt out the door. And I cover my mouth when I yawn to keep bad spirits from getting inside me. lol.