Monday, October 25, 2010

Where is Spiderman's Head?

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So as I'm sitting here writing this, this is the conversation going on in my house right now. My husband, who just walked into the room, picked up youngest son's Spiderman figurine and said, "Where's Spiderman's head?" (I just looked up to him clutching a headless Spiderman.)

Youngest son didn't even flinch before saying, nonchalantly, "It's right here, in Batman's car." He opened Batman's car and ripped the head out of the driver's seat.

I just chimed in with. "You know you're not supposed to take Spiderman's head off!" (We had a little incident last week where Spiderman's head was missing for a few hours to youngest son's great dismay.)

Anyway, after I said this, I started laughing, and I pointed out to my husband how ridiculous our conversation sounded. Even more ridiculous, we've had similar conversations already about ten times today.

But that's part of the amazing thing about having little kids isn't it, the importance (or lack there of) of Spiderman's head. Sometimes as adults we get so wrapped up in adult problems and adult conversations, that it feels refreshing to have a conversation like this, a dilemma so (literally) small, and a dialogue so inane. Sometimes, it's refreshing to laugh about these things.

What kinds of ridiculous conversations do you have in your house or with your kids? And honestly -- why would the Spiderman manufacturer think it's a good idea for the head to pop on and off?!!


  1. Thanks again, can't wait to read it!

    There is always some sort of ridiculous conversation going on in my house, but I have to admit that usually it is between me and my husband. Not only is it ridiculous, but we are loud. We don't try to be, but we are. About a month ago, he and the children started singing together on a whim. They all tried their best to be obnoxious (it worked!) and just act crazy. After they were done, he went out to car to get something and the neighbors were outside and said "nice singing!" I didn't realize we were that loud, and I can only imagine the conversations they had to listen to!

  2. That's funny. But actually, I think you have to be louder once you have kids or you can't be heard over them ;)