Friday, October 15, 2010

I like This Moment

Last night my husband and I had the rare date out of the house, alone. We went out to dinner, and while we were eating we overheard the couple next to us telling the waitress that they had just gotten engaged ten minutes earlier. We were sitting in this strange booth that had a privacy curtain, that my husband and I agreed felt more creepy than romantic, but anyway, we couldn't see what the couple looked like until we got up to left. We heard them talking, though, relaying the story of how they met and their dating history to the waitress and then after the waitress left, making phone calls to various friends and family members to relay the happy news.

It was kind of sweet to listen to them, and I guess I should mention that one of the occupational hazards for me of being a writer is that I'm fascinated in these situations where I get to eavesdrop on strangers and observe these kinds of things. But my point in all this, is this. Do you ever have a moment where you hear someone else's good news and you wish you could go back to that point in your life again? Engagements, weddings, pregnancy announcements. I've had that feeling before -- a feeling of missing something or longing for something I once had. But last night I didn't have that feeling.

Last night I thought about how happy I was in this moment in my life. Right now. How much I loved being with my husband ten years into our marriage, how much I loved our happy little family of two kids and four cats. I thought about the fact that I was pretty young, still in college, when I got engaged, and how uncertain my life was then. And I felt absolutely and truly happy to be in the moment of my life that I'm in now.

How do you feel about the current moment of your life? Do you ever hear other people's good news and picture yourself in that situation?


  1. I appreciated your post, Jillian. Because I think, as I grow older and become more comfortable in my skin, I'm less apt to have the"I remember when" blues. I'm 38, and when I was in my late 20s, a colleague (in her 50s) said, "I love being this age. I know so much more. I'm so much happier with myself and confident. I always felt like I was trying to figure things out. But not now." At the time, didn't 'get it,' but I think I'm starting to understand. Because, at my current age, I'm probably happier than I've ever been.

    Also 10 years into my marriage as of this Thursday (with only two cats and no kids), I'm in a very happy place - even despite the financial hardship that the economy has placed on my once-flourishing freelance writing business. My happiness could be related to the fact that I actually now HAVE the time to work on novel writing - my passion and dream. And, I'm sure it also has to do with growing comfortable in my skin! I can only imagine how I'll feel when I'm 50 :-).

  2. That is very cool to hear about your colleague in her 50s. I think maybe part of being positive is always learning to love the age you're at and the place you're at in your life.