Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of Morning Walks and Creepy Animals

Yesterday morning as my friend and I were taking a walk, we noticed something staring at us from a distance: a coyote. It wasn't super close, maybe about 50 feet away, just standing in the middle of a wash, but as we walked by it was staring at us, really, really intensely. Once we walked by it, we decided it was time to turn around and go home, and as we walked by it again, we picked up our pace (I guess that's the positive note here. My fear of the coyote probably caused me to burn more calories!)

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of exercising outside, whenever I get the chance to. When I can't, I'll get on the elliptical, but it's always with a bit more reluctance. I love fresh air, sunshine, the feeling that I'm actually going somewhere of some substantial distance, rather than moving in place. I like walking with a friend, the conversation that propels us to go faster and walk further, better than the reality TV I usually end up trying to pass the time with on the elliptical. One of the things I love about living in the desert is that the majority of fall/winter/spring it's perfect exercising outdoors weather.

But, one thing I'm not a fan of are those desert creatures we occasionally walk by. Last week we found a rattlesnake skin (Thank goodness it was the only the skin, or I may have never walked outside again), and once my husband and I walked by a mountain lion in a parking lot (This still gives me nightmares). Don't even get me started on the story I read last year about a man who was attacked by a rabid javelina while taking a morning stroll.

Do the positives of exercising outside here outweigh my fear of desert creatures? Probably. And yes, I'm going to keep on doing it. Besides, if I keep seeing creepy creatures, I may even become a good distance runner!

What would you rather do, exercise inside or outside? And how do you feel when your path crosses with a wild animal?


  1. I prefer exercising inside, that way nobody can see me lol. But I do love going to the park with the kids and chasing them around and even playing a few games of tennis a few times each year. I am thinking about taking up walking though. I have never come across a wild animal, ever. I don't even know what I would do in that situation. I can't believe you kept going after seeing that cayote. I would have stopped dead in my tracks and made a run for home as fast as I could. And just the thought of the mountain lion is terrifying.

  2. I grew up a 'country girl' in the midwest, so the wildlife excites me! I really enjoy the outdoors, but for relaxation, not *ack!* excercise! If I have to do that, I want it as neat, clinical and organized as possible!! LOL! I have a back injury so I'm limited at this time to my physical therapy moves (boring!), but I enjoy mild weight lifting (sort of a 'mind over matter' thing), and like dancing (think 'sweating to the oldies', not anything with skill)

  3. Tiffany, we did turn around and head for home after we saw the coyote -- but we had to walk all the way back, which took a while!

    Jane, I used to hate any kind of exercise but have gotten better about it recently. It helps me when I walk with a friend, too, because then we also talk and forget we're supposed to be exercising!