Monday, October 4, 2010

Cold Remedies?

The winner of last week's contest (chosen with the help of is Liz Fenton. Liz send me an e-mail to jill(at) and let me know your address and how you'd like the book signed and I'll drop it in the mail for you. This week, I'm giving away another iTunes giftcard. All you have to do is leave a comment any day this week to enter!

Today I have a horrible head cold, so I'm going to share two things that I'm thankful for right now: green tea and Breath Right Nose Strips. Cold medicine tends to make me jumpy, so I always try to go for non-medicinal remedies when I have a cold. Seriously, whomever invented those nose strips must've been some kind of genius, as I'm not sure how I would've slept last night without it.

What makes you feel better when you have a cold? Please share anything that might make me feel better today :-) (And since I'm thinking positively -- I promise I'll be feeling better tomorrow and back with a longer post!)


  1. oh wow Liz as in Liz from wow congrats! if you happen to have a double copy of the book u won may I please have it from you? super thanks and Jillian I wanted your book huhu!!