Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Sam-I-Am

Thanks for all the book recommendations yesterday! Keep them coming all week, and I'll enter you to win a signed copy of The Transformation of Things!

Since we're on the topic of books, younger son's new favorite book is Green Eggs And Ham. Which means I've been reading it over and over and over again to him. Which also means I pretty much have it memorized at this point, so yesterday as I read it, I thought a little bit about the guy Sam-I-Am is trying to get to eat the green eggs and ham. Clearly, he's a pessimist. He's sure he won't like Green Eggs and Ham even before he's tried them; he can't be convinced to eat them until pages and pages and pages later, when then, he only does it to get Sam-I-Am to shut-up. An optimist would try something new, because an optimist would realize that she might potentially like this thing, that trying new things can be a positive experience, right?

But I realized, that sometimes, I'm a little like that guy. I have set ideas about what I like and what I don't, and I'm some times hard-pressed to try something new or do something different. So my goal for today is to do something completely different, to try something new. I'll report back on how that goes tomorrow. But I will promise you this -- it will not be Green Eggs and Ham. I wouldn't eat those here or there or anywhere. Not even in a tree or on a train, in the dark, or in the rain. . .

How easily do you try new things?


  1. I used to never try new things. My husband relentlessly teased me that I always ordered the same things at restaurants and brought home the same thing from the grocery store. I got fed up with the teasing, and gradually came to see the value of trying something new. But it's been a process. I like discovering new things now :o)

  2. It's hard for me, too. And I'm totally that person in restaurants ordering things in particular ways, dressing on the side, etc., you know like Sally in When Harry Me Sally, when she says she likes things the way she likes them? That's me!

  3. It depends for me. Most new things, I'm pretty open to trying...unless it's food. I kinda haven't grown out of that - but I'm better than I used to be. Gotta set an example for my daughter and all. Which by the way, Jillian, I could probably recite that story forwards and back as many times as I've had to read it to my daughter. She went through a phase where that was the bedtime story of choice for about five months!

  4. Oh, and another book recommendation or two...

    Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella (my absolute favorite book of 2009)
    Jemima J, The Beach House & Dune Road, all by Jane Green.

  5. Isn't is great how setting a good example for our kids makes us try more things? I'm like that, too. Thanks for all the book recs.!