Friday, August 20, 2010

Change of Plans

Yesterday, I woke up with a lot on my to-do list. It began with the intent to exercise first thing in the morning -- I've been making a conscious effort to try to exercise every day, since I read this helps with a positive attitude. So I got up, put on my work-out clothes and sunscreen, but that was about the extent of what I got accomplished. Because shortly after, older child woke up sick.

Instead of doing anything I'd planned yesterday, we spent the entire day at home, watching movies, doing puzzles, and playing blocks. And for the majority of the day, older child wanted to do something he never wants to do anymore: just hang out and cuddle with me on the couch.

Usually, I find myself frustrated when don't get the things done that I set out to for the day. But yesterday, I didn't. Yesterday, I took a break. And though I felt bad that older child was sick, I didn't feel bad about my undone to-do list. Sure I spent the day in my work-out clothes (that I never put to use) and we got take-out for dinner (okay, really, I will use any excuse to get take-out for dinner), but I got to spend the day at home wrapped in those increasingly rare quiet moments with my kids.

Have you ever had a change of plans that turned into something positive?

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  1. "Undone to-do list" Love the phrase!!!!
    Most of my life has been spent writing lists at night to *follow to the letter* the next day. (Virgo sign is the worst birth sign). Now at last I have a tag to put on those dog-eared lists that pass to the next (and the NEXT) day.