Friday, August 6, 2010

Ready, Set, Think Good Thoughts!

I'm going to start by admitting something, that lately I've been a raging pessimist. I've been thinking about everything that can go wrong, dwelling on it, even, and then, when things do go wrong, I've been focusing only on them. I find myself constantly thinking about the bad things in life, rather than being happy about the good. And I have a lot of good. Why don't I take the time to remember that, to dwell on that?

My best friend always reminds me about the power of positive thinking, that if we put good karma into the universe, it'll come back to help us. I've tried before to be a believer, but I've never been able to stick with it. So this blog is going to be my negativity detox. A checkpoint, of sorts. A gatekeeper to keep me on the positivity wagon, if you will.

I'm going to admit something else: I have a book coming out in a little less than three months. A book which has been a long time in the works, a book which I am fiercely proud of, a book which has the same name as this blog, a book, which is above all, a fictional journey of transformation. I have been tossing around ideas in my head for how to promote this book, for what I could do to help this book get into the hands of readers, and, all the ideas I've come up with have been met with, yep, you guessed it, my inner (quite loud and obnoxious) sense of pessimism.

And so I decided on this. From now until the book comes out I will attempt to transform myself from a pessimist to an optimist. I will attempt to banish negative thoughts from my days and dwell, instead, on the good things. And then I will blog each day about positivity: one thing I'm grateful for, that makes me happy, or enriches my life. In short, I'll spend the next 85 days injecting all the positive karma I can into my life and the cyber-universe, and then seeing what it throws back in return.

I hope you'll join me, follow along, and add some positive karma of your own. Check back on Monday to start following my journey towards positivity!


  1. Awesome new blog! Way to go on your book! I'm always trying not be so hard on myself and to be a more positive thinker! When I don't, I grab up a piece of arm charm: Starbucks latte!

  2. Alrighty, lets get the goooooserfraba's going. :) I need some positive vibes and whatnot, because lately I have been in one of those moods where I don't want to do anything, I mean what's the point? None of it matters. But, it does matter, it always does. So here is to new happier positive days ahead... and starbucks lattes. ;)

    ... Your blog reminds me of bubbleyum. Yummy. :)

  3. Hmmmm can't wait to go along with your on your journey! Maybe it will help me do the same as lately, like you, all I can think about is all that can and will go wrong! :0)

  4. To the good life. You are deep, thoughtful, person.

  5. oh love this blog, spread some positive thoughts here on my side ..thanks

  6. Oh, thanks so much everyone! I think this will definitely be easier if you all join in!!