Monday, August 23, 2010

In Which I Decide to Love Mondays

Today is Monday. And if you're like me -- then you generally hate Mondays. On Monday it's always hard for me to wake up early, get back on schedule -- everyone experiences this, I'm sure, to some degree. But usually my first thought when I wake up on Monday comes with a pit of dread in my stomach -- and that is that the weekend is over, and it's five more days until another one, until a break from work and school and schedule. And I already feel exhausted.

But this morning, I made myself think something else. Not that it's the end of the weekend, but that it's the beginning of a new week. I love beginnings -- who doesn't? Because beginnings are full of promise and possibility. Today I'm thinking of Monday as a beginning. I'm thinking of a long week filled with the potential for good things to happen.

I guess this goes back to the old adage of whether you choose to see the glass half empty or half full. This week, I am choosing half full. How about you?

And the winner for last week's contest, the $10 iTunes gift card, is Stacy! Stacy, e-mail me your address to jill(at) and I'll send it right out to you. And be sure to check the right sidebar for this week's contest!


  1. That is a great way to look at Mondays. I must remember that! :)

    Pssst. I mentioned your blog on twitter for the contest:

  2. This is a great blog and love your site channeling positive energy. By the way I shared this site on facebook and tweeted it thru @bellasearcher!/profile.php?id=558916741

  3. Instead of viewing Monday as the end of the weekend, it's nice to think of it as another beginning.
    I also posted a link to your blog on my facebook! :)